Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Kathleen sarmiento, m.d., m.p.h.


Associate Clinical Professor, UCSD

Pulmonary Sleep Medicine, VA San Diego Healthcare System



  1. Sleep Medicine
  2. Critical Care Medicine
  3. Chronic Respiratory Failure



  1. Healthcare access, resource utilization, healthcare policy
  2. Effects of treating obstructive sleep apnea on PTSD symptoms
  3. Ambulatory management of obstructive sleep apnea
  4. Perioperative risk and sleep apnea
  5. Cancer and obstructive sleep apnea: epidemiology, mechanisms, outcomes
  6. Medical education
  7. Quality Improvement

1994-1997     University of Arizona
                         Bachelor of Science, Health Sciences, Physiology
1998-2002     Tulane University
                          Doctor of Medicine
                          Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine


2002-2005      University of Maryland
                          Residency in Internal Medicine
2005-2008      University of Maryland
                          Fellowship in Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
2008-2009      University of Maryland
                          Fellowship in Sleep Medicine


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  8. Hepokoski ML, Wali AR, Sarmiento KF. Mechanisms and implications of the link between sleep apnea and chronic kidney disease. Respirology. 2016. In press.

PubMed Listing of Publications



  1. Sarmiento K, Scharf S. Pulmonary circulation in obstructive sleep apnea, Book Chapter. Pulmonary Circulation, 3rd Ed. Editors Andrew Peacock, Lewis Rubin, and Robert Naeije. May 2011.
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  • Pulmonary Disease
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Sleep Medicine


Institutional Review Board, VA San Diego Healthcare System
VHA Systematizing Sleep Services Workgroup (developing infrastructure and policy related to sleep services)
VHA Sleep Medicine Field Advisory Committee
VHA Durable Medical Equipment Integrated Project Team
American Thoracic Society Ethics and Conflict of Interest Committee
Associated Professional Sleep Societies Program Committee
National Association for Medical Direction of Respiratory Care Program Committee

2013       American Sleep Medicine Foundation Junior Faculty Research Award
2014       Valedictorian, National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine
2014       Excellence in Teamwork Award, VA San Diego Healthcare System
2014       Early Career Women Faculty Professional Development Program Funding                  Recipient
2015       American Thoracic Society Young Investigator Award
2016       Excellence in Leadership Award, VA San Diego Healthcare System
2016       Be the Difference Award for exemplary patient care, VA San Diego Healthcare                 System

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To contact Dr. Sarmiento: kfsarmiento@ucsd.edu