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The Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine and Physiology at the University of California San Diego has made efforts to provide education and training to groups ranging from pre-doctoral trainees to senior faculty members. As part of a world-renowned teaching hospital, we are committed to educating the next generation of physicians and post-doctoral scholars. Furthermore, our faculty members train upcoming leaders in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine through our acclaimed UCSD PCCM Fellowship Program.

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program

The Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program is a three-year ACGME-accredited training program designed to train individuals to become outstanding skilled clinicians and accomplished scholars in academic pulmonary & critical care medicine. The PCCM Fellowship Program consists of approximately 21 fellows.

group photo of fellows in white coats PCCM Fellowship Program

UC San Diego School of Medicine

UC San Diego School of Medicine has an integrated scientific curriculum designed to provide a strong scientific foundation for clinical practice. This curriculum covers disease processes in the context of human organ systems. Our faculty members run the Foundations of Medicine course, Pulmonary System I block, Pulmonary System II block, and Residency Transition course for the medical and/or pharmacy students.

  • Foundations of Medicine covers cell/molecular biology and genetics for MS1 and P2 students. This course is run by Drs. Laura Crotty-Alexander and Erica Lin
  • Pulmonary System I covers pulmonary physiology for MS1 and P2 students. This course is run by Drs. Wael Elmaraachli and Tatum Simonson
  • Pulmonary System II covers pulmonary physiology for MS2 students.This course is run by Dr. Demos Papamatheakis
  • Residency Transition Course prepares graduating medical students for intern year. This course is run by Dr. Gabriel Wardi

Furthermore, our faculty are involved in other core courses including Introduction to Clinical Medicine and elective courses. In particular, faculty members in the Division of Physiology provide lectures for the Human Disease course for second-year medical students and elective course titled Development of Ideas in Physiology and Pharmacology. The Division also serve as mentors for medical students during their Independent Study Projects.


Internal Medicine Residency Program

The Internal Medicine Residency Program is a three-year ACGME-accredited training program that provides broad education and experience in Internal Medicine and its subspecialties. Department leaders include Dr. Zea Borok, Chair of Department of Medicine; Dr. Jess Mandel, Vice Chair of Department of Medicine; and Dr. Rebecca Sell, Associate Program Director. Our faculty members are heavily involved in this program through mentorship and tutelage of these bright group of individuals!

internal medicine Residency Program

Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program is designed to train the next generation of research scientists with the knowledge and the skills to solve biomedical problems. Its areas of research include molecular biology, pharmacology, and physiology. The Division of Physiology is responsible for the main graduate student course on physiology. Faculty members also participate in other graduate courses including some in the Bioengineering PhD. Program. 

Biomedical sciences graduate program