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Resources for Grant Proposal Submissions Related to CPGLO

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The UC San Diego Center for Physiological Genomics of Low Oxygen (CPGLO) is a multidisciplinary team that supports collaborative research on the biology of hypoxia in natural populations and model systems. The goal is to explain individual differences in responses to hypoxia that are observed in patients with heart and lung disease, as well as in human and animal populations living at high altitude. CPGLO provides resources for this such as The Genetics of Altitude Adaptation Consortium (TGAAC), which collates genomic data from high-altitude human populations collected by different research groups for analysis on a common platform. CPGLO is co-directed by faculty from the UCSD School of Medicine (Simonson, Malhotra, Powell), Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Ponganis) and UCSD Dept. of Anthropology (Non) to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and innovative large-scale research projects. CPGLO sponsors in-person and virtual meetings to plan grant proposals plus an annual summit with international leaders in the field to identify new research opportunities and priorities.

CPGLO Summit 2018

Post-Summit Opportunities

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Our Post-Summit Opportunities are based on CPGLO time domains of adaptation.


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