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Simonson Lab

Adaptation to high altitude

Humans have lived at high altitude for thousands of years despite the unavoidable stress imposed by low oxygen (hypoxia). Our work takes an integrative physiological genomics approach to understand adaptive and maladaptive variation in populations from the Tibetan Plateau, Andes, and Ethiopian highlands. Our team further aims to integrate physiological, molecular, and genetic aspects of hypoxia responses in high-altitude adapted populations to better understand how natural variation within our species aids or impedes hypoxia challenges inherent to many common disease states.

Center for Physiological Genomics of Low Oxygen (CPGLO)

The Center for Physiological Genomics of Low Oxygen (CPGLO) aims to maximize information from highly informative but currently separate social and biological (e.g., anthropological, physiological, 'omic, clinical) research to improve the quality of life in diverse human populations.

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Frontiers in Physiology

"Time Domains of Hypoxia Adaptation: Evolutionary Insights and Applications"

Topic Editors: Tatum Simonson and Francisco Villafuerte

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